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Our vision is a world where everybody has access to the things they care about as soon as they happen. Trigger is our small step in that direction. Unlike other news aggregators, we don't define what's relevant to you based on the things that are already popular within your social graph. We've developed an algorithm that essentially predicts what will be popular so you get those things first. We also believe in the power of great content to start great conversations, so we've developed a unique feature that allows us to show you the things your friends aren't reading (but should be)...


James Shen

CEO / Founder

Jimi Wen, Ph.D.

Relationship / Founder

Yiting Lin

Tech / Founder

David Lee

Software Octopus

Jacky Pan

Coding Nemo

Ray Shih


Marge Lai

iOS Starfish

Youlanda Kuo

UI/UX Jellyfish

Amber Liu

UI Otter

Sally Yang

Office Manager

Yu Hsuan Su 

Node Cuttlefish

Allen Lee

Editorial Don



Josh Yang

Metrics Shogun >_^

Hesham Mashhour

Sherlock Sherlock