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百大創新產品獎出爐 - Trigger App


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[Meet創業之星] 預測熱門新聞話題,Trigger要打破你的資訊小圈圈

MobiusBobs創辦人沈容賡說明,相較於其他的新聞閱讀器通常按照時間排序,Trigger的新聞是照「熱門程度」所排序,藉由爬梳、監測社群網站的數據,提前「預測」那些即將成為火熱話題的新聞,Trigger甚至還會自動篩選出你的Twitter朋友已分享過的新聞,讓你分享的話題能夠「獨一無二。」 ...

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Review: Trigger App the best news reader

Trigger - discover trending news: Accolades: America's #1 News App, June 2015. Top 50 overall for iOS. People who love to read and share content on mobile absolutely love Trigger, a sociable news aggregator that does things differently. There's a lot of content on the internet. Trigger is our way of cutting through all that noise. ...

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Trigger - discover trending news, articles, stories and buzz first [Review]

If you love News Apps that not only look good but also updates you with the latest news throughout the day which matters you the most then its worth checking out Trigger. People who love to read and share content on mobile, no doubt will fall in love with Trigger, a sociable news aggregator that does things differently. ...

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Just pull the Trigger for hot news, before it’s trending

You browse through your news app or Twitter feed every morning and see tons of headlines. But, with such a long list and so many options, it can be hard to spot the hottest, most popular stories at a glance. Trigger keeps you informed and up-to-date with news and content from all over the Web, before it’s actually trending. The app determines popularity of the headlines to get those stories to you first. ...

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Trigger: Be the first to post new stories to your social networks with this unique news aggregator

Are you one of those people who seem to be just that little bit behind everyone else when it comes to content on social media? Do you find that you are always 'second-best' when it comes to posting news items? If that's the case, then maybe you need a better news aggregator to feed you up-to-date stories and to make you 'top dog' on your social network. ...

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Trigger app review: get the most up to date news before it starts trending worldwide

Trigger by MobiusBobs is a news aggregator that attempts to bring you the top new stories before they begin to break elsewhere. Many of us rely on Twitter these days for the most up-to-date stories because so many top news outlets and leading figures use it to disseminate their stories almost as soon as they come out – everyone wants to be first with the scoop ...

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Be The First To Know The News – Before It Trends – With Trigger App

Confession: I’m a total content snob. When I see a story on Facebook that peaked months ago, recycled on someone’s wall, I roll my eyes and sigh internally. “God,” I think. “How are they soooooo behind the times?” ...

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Orange Base: Pulling the Trigger to Shoot the News That Matter

Any news junky nowadays has access to an almost infinite number of sources to content. He can see it through social media, through the news platforms itself or by the numerous free or paying news apps, like Flipboard, Circa or Pulse. Trigger is a Taiwanese startup that wants to create a social platform where users would chat and interact using news as the starting point. ...

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Social app Trigger wins Tech in Asia Tour Taipei

Trigger aggregates content from media outlets and sites like Reddit and Hacker News, and then lets people upvote articles and comment anonymously. Users can connect and chat with one another anonymously as well. Ultimately, the startup hopes to carve out a “content-based social graph” which can later be used for ads and analytics ...